Does Emsculpt Neo Really Work?

in Body Sculpting February 23, 2023

Spill the Tea – Does Emsculpt Neo really work? 

Hello all. My name is Nardin Hermiz and I’m the owner and lead injector/ educator of Uptown Medispa Arrowhead. I’ve started a podcast called Spill the Tea. This allows me and other healthcare professionals to speak on behalf of the most popular and quickest growing industry in the world, medical aesthetics! 

On episode four of Spill the Tea I’m going to talk about one of my favorite services we have to offer. I have used and abused this machine on multiple occasion. It is called EMSCULPT NEO. This device has been on the market for quite some time now, and it got a lot of hype in Hollywood. Megan Fox is using it. All the Kardashians are using it. Football players are using it. Basketball, soccer, athletes, you name it. Many use it to excel their athletic performance as well as help them build muscle and lose weight. 

So does it really work? Hell yes, it really works. It is a very, very smart device. It uses HIFEM technology to mimicking your body’s workout concept and it burns fat through the mechanism of working out. It is not sucking any fat, it’s not freezing any fat, and it’s not moving it from one place and putting it in another. It’s making your muscle burn the fat the way your body naturally does but amplify it by 100%.

To break it down, it’s basically this big magnet that works to constrict certain muscle groups in the body. It can be used on the abdominal muscle to help burn fat and build your core. It can be used on the butt to tighten and lift. It is also used on the front thighs, back thighs, arms, back arms. It’s shown to tighten, lift and reduce cellulite in those areas. We can use it to strengthen these muscle group as a way to rehabilitate an injured muscle. Emsculpt Neo focus on building the muscle, toning it, and as an effect it is burning the surrounding fat by 25%.

These sessions are 30 minutes long and spaced one week apart. A majority of clients feel the difference after just one session but over the course of the next three months, there will still be muscle mass growth and fat dissolving.

I love using this device in postpartum mothers to help realign their abdominal muscles so they don’t have a separation called diastasis recti. We use it a lot in patients who are having back pain, balance issues, hip pain, incontinence issues, and so many other conditions. This treatment isn’t just for cosmetics. It’s changing live and It has a lot of wellness benefits. 

One of my favorite things about emsculpt neo is that it’s mimicking a workout. So you really do feel good after because those endorphins are flowing and you get a great pump. If you’ve never tried it, come on in. We do give complimentary demos. Once you try it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.