PRP: 60 min/$780 per treatment

PRP for hair restoration is the leading and most effective treatment for thinning hair in women. It is also highly effective in treating male pattern baldness. Hair thins when the follicles shrink and become micronized. Injected PRP triggers new blood flow and stimulates hair follicle stem cells, which enlarge and strengthen the follicles. The result is regrowth of fuller, thicker and more lustrous hair. PRP can be used as a hair-growth aid even in clients who are not experiencing hair loss.

EXOSOME REGENERATIVE COMPLEX: 60 min/$780 per treatment

Exosomes contain 200 plus growth factors, including those that directing contribute to healing, tissue regeneration, and hair restoration. They stimulate your body’s natural regenerative potential, resulting in thicker and healthier hair. Exosome Regenerative Complex is microneedled into the affected area.


A three-step process that cleanses, hydrates and infuses invigorating hair growth serums into the scalp. In this hour-long treatment, the hair follicle is restored to create shiny, soft, and hydrated hair. Includes a scalp massage, high frequency and hair-stimulating oils.