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With more than 60 years of combined experience, our practice is committed to meticulous, expert care by practitioners you can trust. 


Scheduling shouldn’t be complicated. We work with your schedule to make the booking process seamless with easy-to-make, on-time appointments. 


 At Uptown Medispa, we will tailor your treatment to your unique needs by our team of highly-trained, professional image consultants. 

New at uptown!
Plasma pen 

 A revolutionary technology that is changing the way that skin rejuvenation is done with exceptional results that are long-lasting.


Reduces fat by 30% and increase muscle by 25% on average.


Sexual rejuvenation and urinary incontinence treatment.

New at uptown scottsdale!
lash extensions & permanent makeup


"The best review I received was from my 21 year old daughter who said "oh my gosh, you look 30 years younger! "I love the derma planing and light chemical peel, my skin is definitely refreshed.  Can't wait to go back and give my skin more attention - my daughter is begging me to get her an appointment too!!  Thank you Kristen and Danielle.."


Kristen made the joy I feel inside more visible to the outside world.  She restored youth and health to my appearance.  Kristen's work isn't merely aesthetic, it has  been confidence-boosting and life-affirming to have my face better express what's in my mind and heart.  Kristen is absolutely the right person to help you make an investment in yourself.  Age, stress, and ethnicity were making my face look a little bit like a jack-o-lantern one week after Halloween.  You know - lumpy, misshapen, and on the verge of collapse.  With one syringe of Versa dermal filler, Kristen corrected the asymmetry in my chinplumped my cheeks, and raised the corners of my mouth.  It's subtle and I love the results.


"What. A. Difference.  I've had many nurses work on my lips across the valley and WOW! If you're not quite pleased with where you are currently or not sure where to start, start with Kristen!"


"Kristen has a patient and straightforward manner, and her treatment room is immaculate. Her experience as both an aesthetician and a licensed nurse gives her the knowledge and experience to deliver good results- which is exactly what I got! The texture & luminosity of my skin is much better." 

S. T.

 Rylee is amazing! I have been here twice now once for a chemical peel and once for derma-planning! I am very very happy with my results! I cannot wait to go back for more! My skin has been struggling since giving birth about 4 months ago and this was a great way to get back on track! 


"5 Star service today with Danielle Hansen!! Had a appointment today and Danielle explained everything to me and went out of her way to make me feel comfortable. The facility is beautiful!"


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