Thread Lift treatments, made of absorbable PDO suture material, are an easy way to achieve non-surgical facial rejuvenation. PDO Threads are very safe and may be used in areas considered high risk for dermal fillers. Collagen is stimulated by the threads which are inserted sub-dermally in a lifting or mesh technique, with no incisions or scars. This results in lifted skin and improved skin texture.

Hair Growth $800-1200

Fine threads are placed in areas of the scalp where hair is thinning to stimulate hair bulb strength and hair regrowth.



Forehead Wrinkles $1000

Threads are placed along the forehead in a precise pattern and underneath wrinkles to stimulate collagen production to support tissue and correct forehead wrinkles.



Frown lines $600

Also known as “number 11 lines”, collagen stimulating threads are placed underneath these deep and stubborn wrinkles to help lift them and smooth the surface of the skin.



Crow’s Feet $900

Threads are placed in and around crow's feet to support the outer and upper portion of the eye. Threading in this area provides complete mobility of the area surrounding the eye while also softening lines.



Eyebrow lifting $800

This dramatic technique will raise and shape the brows into a natural lifted look. dramatic results can be expected.



Nasolabial lines $500

Support nasolabial lines from beneath and soften them with PDO threading.



Crepey Cheeks $1,500

Help to restore collagen in the area below the cheekbone using this technique.

Jawline Lift $1200

Tighten your jawline and chin with this classic technique.


Complete Mid Facelift $2,500

Do you need more support than just your nasolabial lines? The complete mid-face lift is for you. Maximum stability and lift are used in this transformative process which dramatically reduces nasolabial folds, defines cheekbones and takes years off of the face.


Complete Lower Facelift $2500

Looking to have a more defined jawline and combat jouling? The Complete Lower Face lift utilizes a more advanced thread technique to give you the maximum and lift and tightening of the lower face.


Full Facelift $5000

The complete mid face and jawline lift are combined with an eyebrow lift for a full face makeover.


Earlobe Lines $500

Tighten skin laxity at juncture of the ear lobe and the cheek.


Lip Sculpture $800

Treat perioral lines AKA smoker lines and get a more defined border to the lips.


Happy lips $1000

This unique placement of threads is designed to restore lip tissue and turn your frown upside down. He's a smooth and Barb threads to define the borders of the lips treat wrinkles and lift the corners.

Upper Chin Restoration $800

Collagen stimulating threads are used in the area around the chin and lower jowl to grow collagen decrease wrinkles and soften crepey skin.


Lower Chin Restoration $800

Lift and tighten the area below the chin for a more dramatic jawline and chin lifting.


Necklace Lines $900

Collagen stimulating threads are used to soften and treat banding on the neck.



Decollete Wrinkles $900-1500

Collagen stimulating threads are used to treat and soften the wrinkles of the upper and lower decollete.


Underarm Tightening and Lift $3500

Lift and tighten the loose skin of the upper under arms.


Breast Lift $3000

Add a gentle lift to breast tissue with this advanced technique and treatment.


Inner Thigh Lift $3500

Lift and tighten loose skin of the upper inner thighs.


Knee Lift $3500

Lift loose skin and increase collagen production in the area above the knees.


Complete Upper Leg Makeover $6500

Combines the inner thigh tightening and knee lift in this complete package.


Brazilian Butt Lift $3500

Add lift and tone to your backside with this advanced technique and treatment.